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Enjoy a better life and brighter future through kidney disease treatment and research in San Antonio and South Texas

San Antonio trusts the kidney specialists at Renal Associates with its multiple dialysis centers throughout San Antonio and South Texas

Over 40 Kidney Specialists, over 25 clinics and more than 40 dialysis centers

Renal Associates is one of the largest nephrology and kidney specialist groups in South Texas. With over 40 kidney specialists, over 25 clinics and more than 40 dialysis centers across San Antonio and South Texas, you’ll never be far from trusted care. Click below for a map of our locations.


Take the first step toward a more enjoyable life


Stay up to date with resources and education on kidney disease

Your kidneys are key to your overall health. Empower yourself to live a healthier life, and team up with us to maintain and even enhance your quality of life. Click below to access our patient resources and educational materials.


Renal Associates Nephrologist specialize in all of the following

  • Consultations for chronic kidney disease
  • Treatment for acute kidney failure
  • Consultations for fluid and electrolyte disorders
  • Treatment of severe edema states associated with congestive heart failure
  • Treatment for hypertension and diabetes
  • Outpatient and inpatient dialysis centers throughout San Antonio and South Texas
  • Peritoneal dialysis training and support
  • Evaluation of kidney transplant suitability
  • Kidney transplant preparation

Trust your chronic kidney disease to the leaders in clinical research

The goal of our Clinical Advancement Center is to provide patients suffering from renal disease and associated illnesses a little higher quality of life and a more promising future through our contributions to medical research. Discover the options in your area for raising your quality of life and advancing the field of kidney disease treatment. Click below to see how you could participate in clinical research for chronic kidney disease and other kidney-related research.


More than 40 dialysis centers in South Texas and over 25 outpatient clinics ensure you convenient care


Meet our Doctors

Mohammad Abdullah, M.D.
Fadi Abouzahr, M.D.
Flavio Alvarez,M.D.
Brigani Amante, M.D.
Julio Cesar Araujo, MD.
Lisa O. Cabrera, M.D.
Timoteo Cabrera, M.D.
Iliana Cardona, M.D.
Michael V. DeGaetano, D.O.
Iliana Fred-Miranda, M.D.
Ronald W. Hamner, M.D., FACP
Judith Hernandez, MDR.
Allen Holub, M.D.
Melissa R. Isbell, M.D., FACP
Brijesh Kapoor, M.D.
Parmish Kohli, M.D.
Luz Moreno, M.D.
Shadi Mourad, M.D.
Paraic J. Mulgrew, M.D., FACP
Aashish Kumar Pandey, M.D.
Jessica L. Pierce, M.D., Ph.D.
J. Arnaldo Ramirez, M.D.
Javier Rodriguez-Sanchez, M.D.
Navid Q. Saigal, M.D., FACP
Mohamed Shafiu, M.D.
Rashid Sharaf, M.D.
Matthias Simon, MD, PhD
Christine Toth, M.D
Johanna Urena, M.D.
Jose Antonio Velez, M.D.
V. Herman Villarreal, M.D.
Bushra Yusuf, M.D.
Fahim Zaman, M.D.
Carlos H. Zem, M.D