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Enjoy a better life and brighter future through kidney disease treatment and research in San Antonio and South Texas


Pablo E. Pergola, MD, Ph.D. is the director of the Clinical Advancement Center, PLLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Renal Associates. His commitment to patient care is evident by the high quality of treatment he provides in his practice, and through his clinical research efforts. Dr. Pergola leads a talented and dedicated group of professionals with the common goal of serving patients through advancements in science and medicine.

Dr. Pergola maintains a busy practice while dedicating significant effort to conducting clinical studies. He sees patients in the outpatient clinics, dialysis units and hospitals. In addition, he is a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Dr. Pergola is fluent in English and Spanish. He is board-certified in Nephrology and Internal Medicine, as well as a Specialist in Clinical Hypertension.

Dr. Pergola studied medicine in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the Facultad de Medicina, Universidad del Salvador. He received his PhD in Pharmacology, graduating with honors from the University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City. After obtaining additional post-doctoral training in clinical research, he completed his internship, residency and fellowship at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio.


MD, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1988 PhD, Pharmacology (Honors), University of Kansas Medical Center, Department of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutics, 1991

Postgraduate Training

Post-doctoral fellow, Physiology, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, 1993
Internship, Internal Medicine, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, 1994
Residency, Internal Medicine, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, 1996
Fellowship, Nephrology, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, 1999

Selected Clinical Research Publications

Benavente OR, Conwit R, Hart RG, McClure LA, Pearce A, Pergola PE, Szychowski JM. The SPS3 Study Group. Blood-pressure targets in patients with recent lacunar stroke: the SPS3 randomized trial. Lancet. 2013 May 28. pii: S01040-6736 (13) 60852-1. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736 (13) 60852-1. (Epub ahead of print)

Block GA, Persky MS, Shamblin BM, Baltazar MR, Singh B, Sharma A, Pergola PE, Smits G, Comelli MC. Effect of Salivary Phosphate-Binding Chewing Gum on Serum Phosphate in Chronic Kidney Disease. Nephron Clin Pract 123:93-101, 2013.

White CL, Pergola PE, Szychowski JM, Talbert R, Cervantes-Arriaga A, Clark HD, Del Burtto OH, Godoy IE, Hill MD, Pelegri A, Sussman CR, Taylor AA, Valdivia J, Anderson DC, Conwit R, Benavente OR; for the SPS3 Investigators, Blood Pressure After Recent Stroke: Baseline Findings From the Secondary Prevention of Small Subcortical Strokes Trial, Am J Hypertens, 2013 Jun 4. (Epub ahead of print)

Janssen RS, Mangoo-Karim R, Pergola PE, Girndt M, Namini H, Rahman S, Bennett SR, Heyward WL, Martin JT. Immunogenicity and safety of an investigational hepatitis B vaccine with a toll-like receptor 9 agonist adjuvant (HBsAg-1018)compared with a licensed hepatitis B vaccine in patients with chronic kidney disease. Vaccine. 2013 May 30. doi: pii: S0264-410X (13) 00681-6,10. 1016/j. vaccine. 2013.05.067.  (Epub ahead of print)

de Zeeuw D, Akizawa T, Agarwal R, Audhya P, Bakris GL, Chin M, Krauth M, Lambers Heerspink HJ, Meyer CJ, McMurray JJ, Parving HH, Pergola PE, Remuzzi G, Toto RD, Vaziri ND, Wanner C, Warnock DG, Wittes J, Chertow GM. Rationale and trial design  of Bardoxolone Methyl Evaluation in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and Type 2 Diabetes: the Occurrence of Renal Events (BEACON), Am J Nephrol. 2013;37 (3) :212-22.

Macdougall IC, Provenzano R, Sharma A, Spinowitz BS, Schmidt RJ, Pergola PE, Zabanch RI, Tong-Starksen S, Mayo MR, Tang H, Polu KR, Duliege AM, Fishbane S; PEARL Study Groups, Peginesatide for amnesia in patients with chronic kidney disease not receiving dialysis. N Engl J Med. 2013 Jan 24;368(4):320-32.

Ruiz S, Pergola PE, Zager RA, Vaziri ND. Targeting the transcription factor Nrf2 to ameliorate oxidative stress and inflammation in chronic kidney disease. Kidney Int. 2013 Jun;83(6):1029-41. doi;10.1038/ki. 2012. 439. Epub 2013 Jan16.

Besarab A, Zeig SN, Martin ER, Pergola PE, Whittier FC, Zabaneh RI, Schiller B, Mayo M, Francisco CA, Polu KR, Duliege AM. An open-label, sequential, dose-finding study of peginesatide for the maintenance treatment of anemia in chronic hemodialysis patients. BMC Nephrol.2012 Aug 30;13:95.

White CL, Szychowski JM, Roldan A, Benavente MF, Pretell EJ, Del Brutto OH, Kase CS, Arauz A, Meyer BC, Meissner I, Demaerschalk BM, McClure LA, Coffey CS, Pearce LA, Conwit R, Irby LH, Peri K, Pergola PE, Hart RG, Benavente OR; SPS3 Investigators, Clinical Features and Racial/Ethnic Differences among the 3020 Participants in the Secondary Prevention of Small Subcortical Strokes (SPS3) Trial, J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis. 2012 Apr 17.  (Epub ahead of print)

Graves JW, White CL, Szychowski JM, Pergola PE, Benavente OR, Coffey CS, Hornung LN, Hart RG;SPS3 Study Investigators, Predictors of lowering SBP to assigned targets at 12 months in the Secondary Prevention of Small Subcortical Strokes study. J Hypertens. 2012 Jun;30(6):1233-40.

Pergola PE, Raskin P, Toto RD, Meyer CJ, Huff JW, Grossman EB, Krauth M, Ruiz S, Audhya P, Christ-Schmidt H, Wittes J, Warnock DG; BEAM Study Investigators. Bardoxolone methyl and kidney function in CKD with type 2 diabetes, N Engl J Med. 2011 Jul 28;365(4):327-36.  Epub 2011 Jun 24.

Pergola PE, Krauth M, Huff JW, Ferguson DA, Ruiz S, Meyer CJ, Warnock DG. Effect of bardoxolone methyl on kidney function with patients with T2D and Stage 3b-4 CKD. Am J Nephrol. 2011;33 (5):469-76.  Epub 2011 Apr 21.

Clinic Locations


215 E. Quincy Street, Suite 610
San Antonio, Texas 78215

Research Division

215 E. Quincy Street, Suite 610
San Antonio, Texas 78215

Affiliated Hospitals

Baptist Downtown

111 Dallas Street,
San Antonio, TX 78205

Metropolitan Methodist

1310 McCullough Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78212

Mission Trails Baptist

3333 Research Plaza
San Antonio, TX 78235

University Hospital

4502 Medical Dr.
San Antonio, Texas 78229



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